Minecraft - Celebration Sticker Album + 2 boxes of 36 packets

kr 904,00

Happy 15th Anniversary, Minecrafters! All characters are in a mission: everyone will search all corners of Minecraft for special items that they will bring to the final party, making it unforgettable! Each player goes through an original adventure you will complete with stickers: follow Ari in “The Gold rush”, see Noor in “The haunted woodland mansion”, enjoy Efe in “The lost Treasure at the bottom of the sea”, and so on. 

This pack includes:
- 48-page album to complete with 240 stickers. Look out for the special rainbow holo and square ones!
- 2 boxes of 36 packets each. Each packet contains 5 stickers. 

Let's celebrate this unique anniversary!

  • Product type: Collectible
  • Publication year: 2024
  • Language: Flerspråklig
  • Interioris: Color
  • Available for delivery to the following countries: Norway
  • Shipped from: Italy
kr 904,00